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If you have a tree that is diseased, structurally unstable or dangerous, we can help. At Tilia Tree Surgeons we have been safely tree felling across Denmead and the surrounding areas for many years. As qualified and experienced tree surgeons we understand that every tree is different in height, structure and density, and we plan and tailor our process to the specific tree we are working with regardless of the species you have.

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Whether your Denmead tree is diseased or unstable, it may need to come down. Depending on the space and area around the tree, it may need to be removed using a process of tree felling called sectional dismantling.

This is where we remove sections at a time in a planned and safe fashion. This means we can safely remove the complete tree without causing any damage to surrounding buildings, property or the Denmead landscape.

We also remove all debris from site and recycle to logs, mulch and woodchip whenever possible.

Denmead felling for any size or species of tree

So, regardless of the height and species of your tree and where it is located in Denmead, Tilia Tree Surgeons are experienced experts when it comes to both domestic and commercial tree felling

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Why Use Tilia Tree Surgeons for your tree felling in Denmead PO7?

As established Denmead tree felling surgeons, we pride ourselves in the strong relationships we have built with our customers. Our Denmead clients benefit from tree surgeons with a track record of integrity and professionalism and our tree felling services are of high quality and reasonably priced.

More reasons to choose Tilia Tree Surgeons:

  • Qualified and professional tree surgeons
  • Fully insured
  • Free estimates and advice
  • 24 hour call out service
  • Emergency Denmead tree removal
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